Radiation Source Train in catheter

Novoste™ Beta-Cath™ 5F System


Stenosis is the narrowing of the coronary artery, which may or may not be associated with chest discomfort or other symptoms.  In-Stent Restenosis is the renarrowing of a coronary artery within a previously placed stent.  Vascular Brachytherapy with the Novoste™ Beta-Cath™ Syatem has been shown to reduce the need for repeat procedures due to In-Stent-Restenosis.

Stented artery of the leg with area of in-stent restenosis.

Balloon angioplasty catheter inside stented artery.

Radiation source train placed at treatment site for <5 minutes.

Peripheral artery post balloon angioplasty and vascular brachytherapy treatment.




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