NEW: ß-Rail™ 3.5F Delivery Catheter

Novoste™ Beta-Cath™ 3.5F System


  • Smallest Profile Vascular Brachytherapy catheter available
  • Developed to maximize lesion access and minimize flow restriction
  • Over 50,000 In-Stent Restenosis patients have been treated with a Novoste™ Beta-Cath™ System




Beta-Cath™ 3.5F System


Beta-Cath™ 3.5F Brochure

Beta-Cath™ 3.5F User's Manual

Beta-Cath™ 3.5F Intended Uses

B-Rail™ 3.5F Delivery Catheter Marker Positions



Beta-Cath™ 3.5F Case Studies


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Carolinas Heart Institute Experience

Barnes Jewish Hospital Experience

The University of Alabama Experience

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